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  • Protein Fruit & Nut Cookies are here to put back that crunch in your daily Vegan lifestyle. We create our biscuits with the ideal blend of soy extracts and nuts to get that irresistibly delicious snack. They are the perfect snacking solution to keep your diet wholesome, dairy-free, and delicious.


    Nutritional Information (100g) :

    Protein (g)                                         09.47

    Energy (kcal)                                    532.0

    Carbohydrates (g)                          86.74

    Total fat (g)                                         29.79

    Dietary Fibre (g)                               03.05

    Cholesterol (mg)                                0


    Ingredients: Refined wheat flour, sugar, soy extract, coconut extract, vegetable oil, raising agent ( E500 ), Cornflour, Iodised salt, Nature identical and artificial flavouring colours (INS 102, INS 110, INS 122)


    Shelf life: 120 days from date of mfg


    Storage Instructions : Store in a cool & dry place.

  • We are happy to issue a refund/ replacement in the following cases.

    • If the product you have received is demonstrably past its shelf life at the time of receiving it
    • If you cancel the order within 2 hours after confirmation.

    However we are not liable for any refund or replacement if the product spoils due to improper storage.