• Popularly called Tofu worldwide, our soft & smooth plant paneer is made from fresh soy, coconut, and other plant extracts. It is real rich in protein and low in fats (contains a small amount of healthy fats). No worries of cholesterol or extra fat! Relish your favorite paneer dishes guilt-free now.


    Nutrional Information (100g) :

    Protein (g)                           15.15

    Calories (kcal)                    189

    Carbohydrates (g)          13.24

    Total fat (g)                         08.38

    Calcium (mg)                     140

    Cholesterol (g)                  0

    Iron (mg)                             02


    Ingredients: Soybeans, water, coconut extracts, almonds, cereals, vegetable fat(0.2%), sugar, salt, natural flavor, coagulating agents


    Shelf life: 90 days under refrigeration


    Storage Instructions: Do not freeze. Keep refrigerated at all times. Put the leftover tofu in a bowl of water and refrigerate. Use within 2 days after opening the pack.