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  • A blend of wholesome plant protein goodness that's simple yet tasty... Our Soy milk has been formulated with all-natural ingredients that can be used as a part of your diet.


    Nutritional Information (100g) :


    Protein (g)                            03.66

    Calories (kcal)                     28.91

    Carbohydrates (g)            03.57

    Total fat (g)                          02.14

    Cholesterol (g)                   0

    Iron (mg)                               0.60

    Calcium (mg)                           20


    Ingredients: Soybeans, water, coconut extracts, almonds, cereals, vegetable fat, sugar, salt, edible seeds, natural flavor.


    Shelf life: 30 days under refrigeration


    Storage Instructions: Do not freeze. Keep refrigerated at all times. Boil the lefover milk once a day and refrigerate. Can also be used to make curd. Use within 2 days after opening the pack.