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Are all your products vegan?

Absolutely yes. We do not use any kind of animal products or their derivatives. 

Can I consume them if I am allergic to nuts?

No. If you are allergic to soy or almonds, we recommend that you avoid consuming our products.

Are your products gluten-free?

No, Only products under the dairy alternatives category are gluten-free.

Can I use Sana vegan products if I am allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant?

Absolutely yes. All our products are lactose-free, and dairy-free and are highly recommended for people allergic to dairy.

Are your products suitable for kids?

Yes. Our products are made from healthy ingredients suitable for their growth but we recommend consulting your pediatrician for further clarifications.

Are your products suitable for infants?

Our products do not contain any ingredients that are harmful to infants. But we highly insist on consulting a doctor regarding the nutritional concerns.

Are your products suitable for pregnant women?

Our products do not contain any ingredients that are harmful to pregnant women. But we highly insist on consulting a doctor regarding the nutritional concerns.

Storage & Usage


Can I boil plant milk?

Absolutely yes. Just use it like milk(dairy).

Can I make curd with plant milk?

Yes. The time taken for curd formation from plant milk is a bit less than milk(dairy). So just keep this in mind to avoid sourness of the curd.

What else can I use plant milk for ?

You can use it to make milk shakes, smoothies, curries etc. just like milk(dairy).

Can I consume plant milk directly without boiling?

Yes. Our process includes boiling of milk, so it is not mandatory to boil the milk before consuming.

How do I store plant milk?

Just store it in a regular refrigerator, do not freeze. Preferably store our plant milk in the upper shelves of the refrigerator to avoid spoilage of milk due to insufficient cooling.

How do I store the leftover plant milk?

Boil the milk, let it cool and refrigerate. Consume within 2 days after opening. Or simply turn it into curd.

Can I add jaggery to the plant milk?

Our plant milk is sensitive to jaggery and might spoil due to variation in the quality of the jaggery. Kindly check with a little milk before adding it.


How do I store leftover plant paneer / tofu?

Place the tofu in bowl of fresh water and refrigerate. Change this water daily. Use within 2 days after opening the pack.

I have frozen your products. Can I use them?

Freezing doesn't spoil the taste or nutritional aspects of our products but it the changes the texture of the products. For example frozen tofu looses its smoothness and becomes slightly porous.

Are there any specific instructions while cooking plant paneer/ tofu?

Yes. We recommend not to deep fry plant paneer before adding them into the curries. Also adding the plant paneer in boiling water prior to adding in curries for 5-10 minutes increases the softness and absorption capacity of the plant paneer.

Subscriptions & Refunds

Can I pause my subscription?

Absolutely yes.

Can I cancel my subscription?


  • In case of cancellation prior to four deliveries of your current subscription, the delivery charges for the prior deliveries will be calculated as in case of individual orders and deducted from the balance amount.

  • In case of cancellation after four deliveries of your current subscription, the percentage of discount availed will be deducted from the balance amount.

When can I get a refund / replacement ?

Refund/ replacement is available in the following cases -

  • If the product you have received is past it's shelf life.

  • If the order is cancelled within 2 hours from the time of confirmation.

  • Subscription orders will be refunded after deducting the delivery charges for orders that were already delivered.

However we are not liable for any refund or replacement if the products is spoiled due to improper storage. 

What if I receive a damaged product?

Please share a picture of the damaged product and write to us, we will issue a replacement.

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